Could Filing Bankruptcy Be the Best Gift That You Give Yourself This Holiday Season?

We know what you’re thinking — the holiday season is here, and the last thing that you really want to think about is your debt. you don’t want to have to think about something so depressing and so irritating as debt. You don’t want to hear about debt collectors or even hear the full amount of debt that you owe. You don’t want to think about what your debt is doing to your credit rating. You might not even be able to move because of all the trouble that a debt is costing you. However, does that mean that you want to just give up? Not at all — not when you really do have the keys to help you out of a sticky financial situation.

If you’re just a working person trying to make ends meet, we can totally understand your concerns about filing bankruptcy. Since bankruptcy is a matter of public record, a lot of people would be able to find out that you filed bankruptcy. However, the economy is definitely changing. You’re getting to a point where you really need to go beyond just what you see online, in the newspapers, and on television. You have to do what’s right for your family. If that means planning for a bankruptcy, then that’s what it means. Yes, it might take away from some of the joy of the holiday spirit, but here’s something that you might not realize: once your bankruptcy petition is accepted, a lot of things stop completely.

First and foremost, any wage garnishment on your salary ceases. You have filed for bankruptcy protection, and you’re getting it. You’re getting that chance at a fresh start. You’re getting to change the way your life has gone, and that’s always a good thing. It’s always nice to know that things are going to be changing for the better, because the last thing that you want to deal with is finding that you just can’t seem to get anything done because all you can do is just look at your debts.

Now, you might wonder if you’re even in the right position to file for bankruptcy. If your debt is years and years old and you still haven’t really made a dent in it, chances are good that you’re ready for bankruptcy. After all, why try to deploy solutions that are really just a bandage on a gushing wound? You’re still losing blood, and in this case blood means money. Just like blood, your family can’t go without money. So you need to do the things that are necessary in order to protect your family from start to finish.

Hiring an attorney to help you with the bankruptcy isn’t necessary all the time, but it is something nice to have. A bankruptcy attorney can take up a lot of money, but there are legal aid funds that can help you pay for an attorney so that you can file for bankruptcy safely. If you have regular Internet access you can even find the information you need online to file bankruptcy yourself. If you have questions and concerns about the whole process, you might want to still get an initial consultation with the attorney just to make sure that everything is right and proper on your side.

We don’t mean to cut the emotional side out of things. After all, you’re probably worrying about the future as it comes to you. You’re thinking about the holidays and about the debt that’s probably around the corner. One thing that bankruptcy does teach you is that you have use money wisely. It’s not a shameful thing to realize that you can’t afford something. It’s not the end of the world is you realize that something can’t be purchased — a lot of people are finding that they’re going to have to definitely change their habits if they really want to get things done. The last thing that you want to have to deal with is finding that you really can’t get much of anything done because you’re too scared to take any action. If you find yourself just frozen, it’s time to talk with a non-profit credit agency that would love to hear from you. They have funds in place to hire trained professionals that can look through your finances and really make sure that you’re really going in the right direction.

Now is definitely the time to take control of your finances — yes, even though the holidays are right around the corner. Ask yourself this — do you really want yet another holiday where everyone pretends like the debt isn’t there? Do you really want another holiday where everyone tries to overspend just to pretend like there isn’t a problem? We didn’t think that you really wanted that type of life for your family. So if you’re ready for change, a bankruptcy filing could really be the best gift you can give yourself and your family!