Drown in Debt or Learn to Swim

There is no doubt that financial worries are stressful. During the recession when many lost what had seemed to them to be secure jobs financial misery was widespread. Those losing their jobs sometimes found others but often they were not ideal for their talents and experience. Others spent a considerable time as an unemployment statistic. Nationwide the rate went into double figures, almost twice the normal USA rate.

A recent survey suggested that there is a significant percentage of Americans who do not see themselves as being able to get out of debt until they are well into retirement and even more who feel they will actually die leaving debt. It is obviously a fairly depressing statistic. If you see yourself in this situation you should think long and hard about your alternatives by identifying why you are in that position and whether there is anything you can do.

Drown in Debt

Real Estate Issues

There are a few major reasons why your debt may be unmanageable and ironically one of them is because of your investment in real estate. Historically real estate has been the way that most ordinary people built up assets because over the medium to long term property always grew in price. Prior to the recession there was significant growth which suddenly went into reverse. Many buyers were not asked to put down much of a deposit and they found themselves in negative equity. Because mortgage companies did not require much of a commitment from borrowers many people overstretched themselves. Some lost their homes because of their inability to make the monthly instalments and there are a significant number that are still struggling without having any real growth beyond their original purchase price.

A mortgage is the single biggest debt that the vast majority of households have. If this is your scenario you may want to pay your mortgage off as soon as possible. It would mean increasing your monthly payment but if you are struggling with the present figure it probably is not possible. Your solution may be to sell and buy something smaller, even rent instead.

Interest Rates

Your financial future should be a top priority and that means reducing debt, certainly everything except a mortgage, so that you are able to save to create a fund or for retirement. The economy is doing fairly well and certainly consumer confidence has increased. While there is expected to be a rise in the interest rate in the coming months it will not be a deterrent against taking out a loan as part of a strategy to pay off your more expensive debt.


If your credit score is poor you may find you are paying a higher rate of interest than the norm. The good news is that there are online lenders that place less emphasis on credit score than your ability to repay a loan because you have regular income. If your financial problems revolve around credit card debt then you are paying too much interest which could weigh you down. A personal loan can pay that off. The money you can save will help especially if you do not have an emergency fund. Your financial troubles will multiply if you face an unexpected bill and perhaps have to use a credit card to meet it.

The Internet offers plenty of information on lenders and the best rates available. Indeed there are comparative sites that do much of the work for you. It is essential that you read the terms and conditions applied by any lender you are considering. Good lenders will be completely transparent with no hidden extras and certainly no question of asking for money in advance of their providing a service. Once you have found a company that attracts you and it has answered any questions you have the application process will involve a simple online process to make your case. Approval will be a quick process and funds transferred within a working day.

It is not nice to be a statistic if it is a negative one. There are solutions to financial problems for those that have an income and the determination to improve their position. It may sound strange that a personal loan, in other words a debt, can actually be the answer to your problems.