How To Save While Commuting

No matter how you commute to and from work, it’s safe to say that costs are high. Annual rail cards are in their thousands of pounds, and fuel is constantly on the rise. This coupled with general rising living costs, it’s no wonder people are struggling to make ends meet. So, how can we save money on our commute?

One of the most popular choices of transport for people to get to work, is by car. Nothing quite matches the convenience of being able to sit in your own space, with the music you want and being able to leave at a time that suits you. The downsides however, are that fuel prices are gradually increasing, making it more and more expensive to cover the costs of running a car.

One way that you could cut down on fuel costs, is to consider car sharing. Do you have someone at work who lives nearby? Even sharing with one person could drastically cut down your expenses, which is worth listening to someone else’s music for. Also, it is important to consider how you’re actually driving. By tuning in to the best way to handle your car more efficiently, you could find yourself not visiting the pumps as often. So, for example no quick accelerating or harsh breaking.


If you brave public transport to get to work, then if you haven’t already done so, make sure you get a season ticket. This is where you buy a ticket in advance for the month or year and will typically offer you a discounted price for doing so. It also might be worth checking if you can qualify for special cards such as a young person’s rail card.

One of the biggest ways to save you cash is to consider walking to work, or even cycling. Obviously this is only an option for those who live close to home, but if you don’t need to drive to work, then it could save you money and improve your fitness. Think about how great it would feel to not have to pay for fuel as well as being able to walk or cycle straight past the stressful traffic jam that you normally sit in!

If you have tried some of these suggestions, or if they just aren’t right for you, then why not think about taking out a payday loan to cover costs? If you need a bit of financial help before you get paid, then finding guaranteed payday loans lenders with bad credit could be the right option. You can get access to cash quickly online via your mobile or computer, without all the hassle of sending through documents.