Save by reducing energy costs

People who are in financial trouble often overlook the simple solutions on the road to better financial health. They try to figure out how they are going to pay their bills when they should also be spending time figuring out how to make their existing bills smaller. One excellent way to have more money in your pocket every month is by reducing your home energy costs. We spend a huge amount on utilities each month, but we also spend more than we have to. Here are 9 simple tips which can help you get your energy costs under control.

1. Change your thermostat, then leave it. People spend too much time turning the thermostat way up and then way down. This just burns money. It takes a while for the temperature to change in the whole house. Set it once, then let it do its work.

2. Turn the heat down. By turning the heat down just two or three degrees in your home and then putting on a sweater if you get cold you can save lots of money.

reducing energy costs

3. Fix that leak. A tap that is dripping can really add up and cost you a lot over the course of a month.

4. Fix the draft. Install weather-stripping around your doors to keep the cold out and your heat in.

5. Buy a front loading washer. These appliances use 50% less energy than a regular washer and they do a better job, too.

6. Turn off your computer when you aren’t using it. Some people leave their computer on all the time. This just costs money. Would you leave your TV on when you aren’t watching it? Why is a computer any different?

7. Add more insulation. Many attics have little or no insulation in them. By rolling out a few bundles of insulation you can see your energy bill fall dramatically.

8. Get a home energy audit. There are professionals who can come in, look at your home and identify the areas where you are losing energy or using more than you need to. By following their suggestions you can shrink your bills dramatically.

9. Fill the holes. Look around your windows and the spots where pipes come into or out of your home. If there is an opening or a hole then you are just throwing money away. A little bit of sealant can make a big difference.