Work’s Work

Sometimes work’s work. It doesn’t matter what the job is, how dangerous it is or what risks it may have to you health, as long as it pays. This is especially the case for people working dangerous jobs without having any other options available to them.

In some jobs, the need for money overshadows the level of risk. Take mining for example. It is considered one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, with hazards ranging from falling rocks to breathing in intoxicating gas and fumes. There is often a lack of safety and security working within the mine. In 2010 the world was captivated with the Copiapó mining accident or Chilean mining accident. While all the thirty-three trapped men survived, the employers faced financial ruin. It makes one wonder about employer’s liability insurance. Would this have protected them from lawsuit after lawsuit after lawsuit?

It is designed to protect employers, unless they are at major fault, like the Chilean mine owners probably were. Nonetheless, liability insurance is something every employer should consider.

However, to tackle any further mounting costs’ weighing down on the business cheap liability insurance is often sought. Effective covering at affordable prices are out there, take Contractors Compare for instance.

Of course it’s not just employees who can sue their employer. A member of the public can sue if injured on a business owner’s property. It cannot be underestimated how essential public liability insurance is to a business and property owner. It provides some sense of security. Whether it’s an owner of a water park, who has a speed slide that drops people vertically at a very fast speed. The same can be said for the owner of a rock climbing adventure centre, a racetrack or even a normal office building that happens to have a wet floor.

With liability insurance employers can forget about the worry of being sued as long as they have a good health and safety policy and focus on the important things in running a business, like making a profit.