Your Pets Can Cost You More Than You Think!

If your children have been screaming for a new pet in the family for a while, don’t worry — you’re definitely in good company. A lot of families are making the decision to add a four legged friend or two to the family, and these are decisions aren’t as clear cut as you think. You see, your pet can actually cost a lot more than you think, in ways that you’ve never imagined.

A lot of savvy financial types do stop and think about their budget as it relates to their pets. However, have you ever thought about the worst case scenario? What if you get a new dog, only to find that they have a tendency to bite strangers? Those dog bites can cost you a lot of money — even if you have homeowner’s insurance. Once your dog is considered violent, you will have to either pay higher rates to have insurance, or you will have to put your dog down — something no pet lover wants to really do.

Even if you have a cat, you still have to calculate in the type of damage they can do to your furniture. If you are against having your cats declawed, then you’re going to have to make sure that they’re not a danger to others as well as you’re going to have to give them a safe place where they can scratch and dig. Some people go ahead and declaw them, but others do not.

Speaking of medical needs, you will need to also think about the type of medical bills that you will incur in the future. Veterinarians are specialists, and that means that not all vet services are cheap. A good vet is definitely worth the extra costs, but you also have to make user that you look at ways to lower the costs. Good pet insurance can definitely do this.

Pets also cost money in terms of vacations — can you take your pets with you when you go on vacation? Sometimes you’ll be able to do this, but other times you’ll have to leave them at home. This means that someone will have to watch over your pets, and that can get expensive as well. Boarding centers for pets aren’t cheap, and they definitely provide a necessary service.

It can be hard to step back and look at all of these expenses, but it’s absolutely necessary — don’t get caught without really looking at your budget and these future considerations before you actually buy a new pet and bring it back home to your family — it could really save you more money than you think!